Mirsad Bicakcic

Mirsad Bicakcic

Player Development Lead Coach
License Level

USSF C, National Youth License



Favorite Soccer Team

NK Maribor and Tottenham Hotspur

Favorite Houston Restaurant

Cafe Adel and Istanbul Grill


I played 12 years professionally in the Yugoslavian, Turkish and Slovenian Premier Leagues. The highlight of my career was scoring a goal against Atletico Madrid in a UEFA Champions League match in the 1992-1993 season. I have been coaching for six years and I take a lot of pride in helping players improve their technical skills so that they can prepare and position themselves to have success at the collegiate level and beyond.

Player Development

Recreational Player
Development Staff

West University Place

Recreational Site Coordinator

Walid Bnider

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Recreational Site Coordinator

Andy Zangoullis

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Community Park

Recreational Site Coordinator

Stormy Cook

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Coach For RISE