Summer Launch Camp

July 2022

Technical Topic:
Ball Mastery
Goalkeeper Topic: Positioning and Simple Saves
Lead Player Development Coaches: Jose Sideregts & Mike Boeck

Welcome back to soccer with a fun Olympic-themed soccer camp!  Wrap up summer break and have fun with our new theme days, special activities, and, of course, essential soccer skills.  For older or more experienced players, this camp will help prepare them for the upcoming season with tons of dribbling, passing, and shooting games.  For our youngest players (U4-U6), camp is an introduction to soccer as a team sport and developing basic skills where players will have fun with their soccer ball and their friends!

Camp Info

Camp Pricing

$125 each

Player Eligibility

RISE camps are open to Recreational, Youth Academy, Competitive & Elite Program players, as well as players who are not registered with RISE.

Birth Years

2018 (U4), 2017 (U5), 2016 (U6), 2015 (U7), 2014 (U8), 2013 (U9), 2012 (U10), 2011 (U11), 2010 (U12), 2009 & (U13), 2008 (U14), 2007 (U15)


South Campus
Community Park