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Birth Years: 2021 (U4) - 2013 (U12)

RISE Recreational – “RISE Rec” – simple, convenient, organized, and player centric soccer. Our program introduces young players to the beautiful game. RISE Rec is, at heart, a community-based program, with teams formed from numerous geographic locations. The program provides a wholesome and safe environment for players who are either new to soccer or team sports to play in a non-competitive format conducive to learning. Our curriculum focuses on developing your player’s technical skills, building their confidence, and maximizing their creativity by allowing them to learn the game gradually in an enjoyable, stress-free, and engaging environment. Be ready to watch your player's passion, imagination and creativity get sparked!

Why RISE Rec

RISE Rec is unique in that training sessions for ages 3-12 is led by our licensed and enthusiastic Rec Player Development Coaches. This assures your player will be in an excellent, stable, and uplifting training environment that is conducive to learning from their earliest soccer experience. While our Rec Program is non-competitive, players are always encouraged to compete to the best of their abilities.

Through this growth and development process, interested players can matriculate from our Recreational Program to our Competitive Program will have a better understanding of the club’s mission, culture, and player development philosophies.

At RISE, the success of your player ultimately determines our success.

RISE SC Player
RISE SC Players

Rise with us

  • Community-based
  • Parents choose their “home” training campus
  • A safe, wholesome, engaging, and stress-free learning environment.
  • Beautiful facilities and excellent training equipment
  • Players and families embrace the club culture and spirit
  • Player curriculum focuses on individual player development
  • Deliberate and consistent implementation of age appropriate training activities
  • Evenly balanced teams provide for meaningful games and training sessions
  • RISE Rec Player Development Coaches lead the training sessions
  • Low player-to-coach ratios
  • Volunteer parent Team Managers lead the games
  • Programming available for boys and girls ages 3-12
  • Players U13+ who are seeking a recreational experience would refer to the Select Program

REC Programs

Rec Preschool

Birth Years: 2021 (U4) - 2020 (U5)

The RISE Preschool Program is our introductory level offering to our youngest players, most of whom are new to soccer. While your player is having fun playing in highly interactive training sessions, they will be learning and improving their fundamental technical skills.

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Rec Grade School

Birth Years: 2019 (U6) - 2013 (U12)

The first years in RISE Rec are very formative and will greatly influence the pathway your player chooses in the future. This program is designed for both new and returning players who are typically seeking a seasonal activity to exercise and develop friendships, and who want to be part of a team and a club. Most RISE Rec players consider soccer one of their favorite sports, but have multiple commitments outside of soccer.

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Futures Program

Birth Years: 2019 (U6) - 2013 (U12)

The RISE Futures program is open to all players registered to fall season Rec teams. RISE Futures is a supplementary all-star program for RISE Recreational boys and girls. The objective of the program is to provide current RISE Rec players and their families a preview of the RISE Youth Academy and Competitive Programs for those who might be interested in matriculating.

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Rec BOOST Program

Birth Years 2019 (U6) - 2013 (U12)

Improve your game with like-minded players with 1 supplemental training session a week for 6 weeks!

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RISE SC Players

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