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Prior to contacting us, please navigate the links below which detail our program offerings and include pertinent information such as: program descriptions, start dates, fee structures, age groups, etc.  

Note: Birth Year / Age groups are based on the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 season

Recreational: A simple, convenient, and community based soccer program for beginners.
Birth years: 2020 (U4) - 2012 - (U12)

Youth Academy: The start of competitive soccer, where your player will rapidly advance their technical skills.
Birth years: 2017 (U7) - 2014 - (U10)

Competitive: For players committed to advancing their technical skills and who embrace high-level coaching.
Birth years: 2013 (U11) - 2005/06 - (U18/19)

Elite: For players who have the talent and willingness to compete at the top levels of play offered in the country.
Birth years: 2011 (U13) - 2005/06 - (U18/19)

To register, click: PLAY FOR RISE

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