RISE uses a 2-year uniform cycle program for the Advanced Program. Every 2 years, RISE will switch to a new uniform kit which runs concurrently with the product life cycle offered by our sponsor Nike. Every RISE player must purchase 1 club approved uniform specific to the program they are joining per uniform cycle, regardless of when in the uniform cycle a player joins RISE. RISE uses a uniform cycle so our families get more value for their purchase rather than having to purchase a new uniform before every single season.

Current Uniform Cycle
  • Year 1: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 seasons
  • Year 2: Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 seasons
Next Uniform Cycle
  • Year 1: Fall 2025 and Spring 2026 seasons
  • Year 2: Fall 2026 and Spring 2027 seasons
Who needs to buy a new uniform kit?

The upcoming Fall 2023/Spring 2024 season(s) mark the 1st year of our current uniform cycle. As such:

  • All RISE players will have to purchase the new uniform kit
  • Players must purchase all items denoted as required
  • While kit items may look similar to previous kits, they are different
  • The kit packages listed below are unique to the Elite Program (Girls Academy, ECNL & ECNL-RL)
  • Players will not be allowed to participate in training sessions or games without approved RISE kits
  • Customizations to any kit item are not allowed and will result in a suspension plus a requirement to immediately replace any customized item with a new replacement purchase
ELITE PROGRAM (FIELD PLAYER): Mandatory kit includes the following 14 items:
  • Home Game Kit (3 items): White top, Grey short & Grey socks
  • Away Game Kit (3 items): Navy top, Navy short & Navy socks
  • Training / Alternative Game Kit (2 items): Red top, Red short & Red socks
  • Nike Warmups top & bottom (2 items): Navy
  • Nike Backpack (1 item): Grey
  • Nike travel top (1 item): Light Blue

*Note 1
Field players should wear their Red top, Red short & Red socks to training sessions

The Red training tops are numbered so the Red training kit can be used as an Alternative Game Kit

The Elite field player uniform kit items will be designated as “required” on the Soccer.com ordering page. The required uniform kit cost is $375.00 (taxes and shipping are not included).

ELITE PROGRAM (GOALKEEPER): Mandatory kit includes the following 13 items:
  • Home Game Kit (3 items): Grey long sleeve top, Grey short & Grey socks
  • Away Game Kit (3 items): Navy short sleeve top, Navy short & Navy socks
  • Training / Alternative Game Kit (1 items): Turquoise short sleeve top
  • Nike Warmups top & bottom (2 items): Navy
  • Nike Backpack (1 item): Grey
  • Nike travel top (1 item): Turquoise Polo

GK's should wear their Turquoise tops with Navy shorts and Navy socks to training sessions

*GK optional items
Volt short sleeve top
Volt long sleeve top
Volt socks
Turquoise shorts
Turquoise socks

The Elite Goalkeeper uniform kit items will be designated as “required” on the Soccer.com ordering page. The required uniform kit cost is $350.00 (taxes and shipping are not included).

Ordering Process

Soccer.com is the exclusive uniform provider for RISE Soccer Club. Parents will order their player’s uniform directly from Soccer.com and they will ship your kit to you.

1. Click on the Soccer.com link which will navigate you to a page where you can "Find Your Team Store"
2. In the search field under "Team Store Name" type RISE and some club logos will populate
3. Make sure to select the one with the RISE logo that says "RISE SC - ADVANCED PROGRAM"
4. Enter your PLAYER'S NAME or TEAM NAME
5. Choose your sizing and quantities (all mandatory items must be purchased)
6. Add to cart, then check out

RISE requires players to be in club approved gear at all training sessions and games so they are easily identifiable, or they will not be allowed to participate. Failure to purchase and/or wear the club approved uniform kits to participate in club activities is a violation of our club policies and will result in your player(s) being dismissed from the program without a refund. We understand that occasionally uniform kit items are backordered and that situations may preclude your player from having all or specific uniform kit items. RISE will work directly with Soccer.com to verify, confirm, and remedy these instances.

When to Order

We know you are excited, so are we, however, it is critical that you DO NOT order your uniform from Soccer.com until you receive a written notification to do so via email from RISE, your RISE Team Manager and/or Soccer.com notifying you to order your uniform kit.

Ordering Considerations

Players should purchase their uniforms immediately upon receiving their team assignment confirmation. It is mandatory that kids wear their approved RISE uniforms to all training sessions as well as games so they are easily identifiable. We strongly recommend paying close attention to the uniform sizing charts provided before purchasing since uniforms are non-returnable.

If you do not have a credit card, we recommend purchasing a VISA or Mastercard gift card from the local bank, and then using it to purchase your uniform kit.

RISE does not permit any further customizations to the club approved uniform kits.

Backordered items often show extremely delayed availability, when in actuality items usually become available much sooner than stated. If there is a serious product shortfall, Soccer.com and Nike will notify RISE, and we will contact our constituents about options.

Depending on when you order in the uniform cycle, your player could be wearing this uniform up to 2 years.

Uniform kit orders are non-refundable.


RISE and Reliant Energy teamed up to create the Reliant Energy Power Program (“Power Program”), a financial aid program designed to reduce the economic barriers of playing youth soccer. Through the Power Program RISE and Reliant Energy assist qualified players to cover all or a portion of RISE’s required fees. Awards of financial assistance under the Power Program are referred to as “Reliant Energy Power Awards” or “Power Awards.”

RISE has merit based awards as well as need based awards for players in RISE Advanced. The requests we receive for Financial Aid exceed the amount we have of available funds to allocate. The primary source of Financial Aid funding is from corporate sponsorships, private donations and event revenues. Club fees paid by our constituents are not intended for Financial Aid. Power Awards are granted prior to the Fall Season and last 1 year (Fall and Spring seasons).


Before player evaluations, financial aid applicants will be given an indicative range of aid they may qualify for and the corresponding fee balance they will be responsible for. Players of families who accept the range of aid and the corresponding fee balance will be invited to participate in player evaluations and may be eligible for team placements.

Power Awards are granted to cover only club fees for need and merit based athletes subject to available funds. Other considerations include your players age group and team and/or club needs. Financial Aid does not cover any travel, event, tournament or uniform fees unless the club program you are registered to specifically states otherwise. We will not consider any applications for players who are not current on their fees or do not show the necessary commitment to their respective teams.

Need based and/or merit based awards are for a predetermined time period of either a season or year. Power Award applicants should be aware of the pricing structure at RISE and not register if they are not prepared to pay the full fee amount. Applicants should not assume that they will receive merit or need based aid. Power Award recipients should not assume they will receive future awards. Power Awards can be cancelled or voided at any time.


Power Awards are reflected in dollar ($) amounts. To determine your balance, simply subtract the your Power Award amount from the Club Fee. Please remember that all players must pay their Commitment Fee before being considered for a Power Award. Lastly, Power Awards cannot be applied towards the Commitment Fee.

  • Power Award recipients must complete the registration and application each year and provide needs based documentation as requested
  • Power Award recipients must be prepared to meet the additional team financial commitments not covered by their Power Award such as travel costs
  • Families of Power Award recipients commit to a minimum of 6 hours per season of volunteer service to the Club, if this obligation is not met, RISE reserves the right to void the Power Award

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