RISE Soccer Philosophies

Developing players is what we do, it is our passion. While we strive to advance our teams into the top leagues, we know our success is ultimately defined by the quality of individual players we produce and the opportunities we provide them. To date, the legacy clubs who came together to form RISE have produced over 50 National Team and/or Professional players.

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Rise Standards

To improve our likelihood of success, we plan and document meticulously. We create programming that is player centric, structured, and aligned with our player development philosophies. One constant is our commitment to providing your player an excellent and rewarding experience so they can meet their development goals and play soccer at whatever level they desire. Our vertically integrated structure allows RISE to assume control of the player development process at an early age to best position your player for success. By providing an excellent environment, flexible programming, minimal geographical challenges, and multiple pathways, RISE is uniquely positioned to enhance long term player development without compromising our standards.


Unlike other clubs, at RISE, we are not player importers. While we do recruit, we prefer our talent pool to grow organically from within. Ultimately, we view ourselves as player exporters. When the time is right, and developmentally appropriate, we export our players to the next highest level of play for them, whether that is the college or professional ranks and everywhere in between.

RISE has a deep history of producing players. While we are cognizant of our role as an amateur youth soccer club, our player development history tells a story of high achievement. We are deeply passionate about developing impactful players that can reach the top levels of the game.

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Soccer philosophy

At RISE, we take a systematic approach to unlocking the value in our club. Developing soccer players is a long-term process so building relationships within our community and earning the trust of our constituents is critical to our process.

We offer well-structured, community based soccer programs that are efficiently and effectively delivered by professionally licensed coaches whose ultimate focus is on individual player development. By establishing large player pools at the youngest ages, we rely on our coaches to educate, prepare and guide our players through our program with the understanding that the success of our club is uniquely tied to the experiences, opportunities and successes we give our players and their families.


Coaching Philosophy

Coaches are the key to player development. RISE boasts one of the most highly licensed coaching staffs in the nation. Like professionals in any industry, your probability for success increases with education. RISE is committed to developing our players by having the most talented and qualified coaches lead our players and oversee our programming. There are simply no shortcuts to developing world class players or creating an environment that breeds this tradition. Philosophically, we believe that the best results are achieved with preparation.

RISE has a program specific coaching staff to lead all of the club training sessions, unless stated otherwise. RISE Player Development Coaches follow a proprietary training curriculum that covers technical, tactical, physical, and mental themes which are essential to a player’s full development. Training is age and skill appropriate, but the ideas and methodology are consistent throughout the RISE program.

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Player Development Philosophy

There are debates in youth soccer about winning vs. development. RISE believes in balancing both to have successful teams, and most importantly, successful players. RISE will not sacrifice player development for the sake of winning. Player development, especially at the younger ages, must be more important than the win itself.

Our philosophy focuses on a balanced approach. We encourage players to take more risks and to value the fact that life’s best lessons are learned from our mistakes. In our younger age groups, we participate in a developmental league during the fall and spring. We use these games to apply training objectives taught in training sessions that week. During games, we guide and observe the players in order to determine what to focus on in upcoming coaching sessions. We allow players the freedom to be creative in game environments without fear. The balance to this is that there are events for each team in which we play to compete.

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We focus on building players with a strong technical foundation and teach the fundamentals of the game. We provide age-appropriate training for every player, at every level. We educate and communicate with players and parents on the balance between competition and development, and we establish goals and milestones for the team and each individual player.

Winning can be important for our older teams to secure berths in elevated levels of competition such as leagues and showcases. Winning can also be important for team morale, recruiting, team dynamics, and confidence. It comes from utilizing the right training methods.

Player Development is important because we want to end up with a team of well-rounded players. Shortcuts lead to sacrifices, and RISE is not willing to sacrifice competition for development or development for competition. In order for this balance to be realized, every component within the club and within each team must work together.

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Team Formation Philosophy

Our first responsibility is to ensure RISE players are being instructed by qualified, capable, and motivated coaches as the success of the club is directly correlated to the success of your player. At RISE, we work diligently to prepare your players to compete at the highest level they desire. Ultimately, the responsibility to develop, identify, and facilitate the transition of players to the next level falls on our Player Development Coaches.

In general, players in our younger age groups play on community based teams, while limited programming is offered to older players who wish to do the same. Players who age through our program and seek a more competitive experience will begin to be placed on teams that are tiered and formed from players from multiple campuses that train at a specific location.

Style of Play

All RISE teams regardless of their level of play are coached to play the same way. Our focus on developing highly skilled players with high soccer IQ’s are the hallmark of executing our style of play.


When we are in possession of the ball, we want to aggressively play it forward into our opposition’s half to expose areas of the field behind their defense that may have been created as a result of their disorganization. We provide players tactical freedom and encourage them to use their creativity to identify and exploit our opponents defensive lapses to create goal scoring opportunities.


When defending, we want our teams to be compact to prevent our opponents from playing the ball forward. As we retreat into our compact shape we will attempt to close off passing lanes and keep our opponents in front of us. In doing so, we will be better positioned defensively to dictate and create advantageous situations that will help our team to regain possession of the ball.


When transitioning, we want to exploit our opponents by playing the ball forward almost immediately after recovering it. If we lose possession of the ball, we will press our opponents to try and regain possession and prevent them from getting into a rhythm. In the event that we cannot recover possession of the ball quickly, our teams will be taught to get organized defensively in a compact shape to prevent our opponent’s from counter attacking us.

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