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Rise Youth Academy

Birth Years: 2014 (U7) - 2011 (U10)

The RISE Youth Academy introduces your player with their first experiences in competitive soccer. This program allows players, who excelled at the recreational level to rapidly advance their technical skills along with like minded players under the watchful eyes of the RISE Player Development Staff. The Youth Academy matches determined players with advanced coaches who are passionate about player development. Together, this synergy will unleash an inspiring, yet challenging environment where your player will learn and progress at a rapid rate.

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Why RISE Youth Academy

RISE Youth Academy players must demonstrate a steady commitment to training to ensure proper development through consistent touches on the soccer ball and regular instruction from elite coaches. As your player ages through the Youth Academy, they will have developed a strong fundamental skill level, an understanding of our style of play, and become immersed in the culture at RISE. Your player can register on a seasonal or yearly basis for this program.

RISE uses the pool training concept in our Youth Academy to ensure your player is consistently in a high quality training environment. Pool training shifts the focus away from team development and prioritizes individual player development. During pool sessions, RISE players will be grouped together with players who have similar skill levels with the understanding that players develop at different stages. Increased competition, an improved training environment, and accelerated player development are all by-products of the pool training.

RISE SC Player
RISE SC Players

Rise with us

  • Cohesive club structure
  • Monthly payment plans
  • Multiple child discount
  • Organized programming
  • Advanced Player Development Coaches
  • Seasonal or Yearly teams
  • Central & SW Houston locations
  • Local and state competitions
  • 2 weekly 80 minute training sessions
  • 1 RISE team event per season included in fee structure
  • Seasonal player feedback, written and in-person
  • Reliant Energy Power Awards Program
  • Reliant Energy electricity plan
  • VIP Medical access via Houston Methodist Hospital
RISE SC Players

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Youth Academy


  • Birth Years 2014 (U7) - 2007 (U10)
    Seasonally: $800
    Yearly: $1500
  • Birth Year 2007 (U10) Elite team
    Seasonally: $950
    Yearly: $1800

Fall 2020 Season Length

  • 16 weeks (August 3 - November 21)
    *End of season events possible

Spring 2021 Season Length

  • 16 weeks (January 18 - May 7)
    *End of season events possible

Uniform (Mandatory)

  • See Advanced Resources page for details
  • $350 (Not included in Registration Fee)

Central Play Locations

  • West University Place area

Southwest Play Locations

  • Sienna, Sugar Land, and Missouri City areas

Team Composition

  • Campus specific teams, Elite U10 team maybe a combined campus team

Team Formations

  • All teams formed by RISE Player Development Staff

Training Sessions

  • 2 pool sessions weekly on M / W or T / Th
  • 1.4 hours
  • Led by RISE Player Development Staff

League Play

  • Inhouse & Player Development Friendlies


  • Led by RISE Player Development Staff

Events Included in Fees

  • 1 RISE sponsored event per season

Player Feedback

  • Seasonally, written and in person

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