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Birth Years: 2014 (U10) - 2006/05 (U18/19)

Players in the RISE Competitive Program are committed to advancing their technical skills and will embrace the high-level of coaching. As your player ages through the program, they will be challenged both physically and mentally with other like-minded players. In the end, we trust that your player will find that through their dedication and commitment, the process was highly rewarding and memorable.

Why RISE Competitive

RISE dedicates significant resources to ensure that we provide your player an environment that includes: elite national competition platforms, excellent facilities, top-caliber coaches, cutting-edge technology, carefully curated talent management systems and flexible cost structures to assist your player in achieving their development goals.

At RISE we rely on our Player Development Coaches to educate, prepare and guide your player through our program with the understanding that the success of our club is uniquely tied to the experiences, opportunities and successes we give our players and their families.

the success of our club is uniquely tied to the experiences, opportunities and successes we give our players and their families.

RISE SC Player
RISE SC Players

Rise with us

  • Cohesive club structure
  • Incentive based Player Referral Program
  • Monthly payment plans
  • Multiple child discount
  • Organized programming
  • Elite Player Development Coaches
  • Yearly teams
  • Central & Southwest Houston locations
  • Local, state, and regional competitions
  • 2 weekly 80 minute training sessions
  • Minimum of 2 RISE events included in fees
  • Seasonal player feedback written and/or in person
  • College placements assistance and resources
  • Reliant Energy Power Awards Program
  • Reduced electricity rates via Reliant Energy

Competitive Programs


Birth Years: 2014 (U11) - 2007/06 (U18/19)

Select teams require a yearly commitment, however the program is designed for players who are seeking a less rigorous and competitive soccer environment. Select teams train together in pool sessions and must be willing to commit to making the most of their training sessions and games in order to keep the teams viable and in a positive environment.

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Birth Years: 2014 (U11) - 2007/06 (U18/19)

The Premier Program will appeal to players who are at the top of their game when they exit the Youth Academy phase and want to continue their rapid upward trajectory or are looking to play a high level of soccer without having to travel for in season games. Your player is provided with a higher level of coaching, preparation, and competition than what is offered in the Select Program.

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Advanced BOOST Program

2017 (U7) - 2010 (U14)

Our Advanced BOOST Program offer a great supplemental training option for players that want to put in additional work outside of their team sessions, improve soccer skills, improve deficiencies in their current performance or train more functionally.

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2017 (U7) - 2014 (U10)

Welcome to Desire League, the premier in-house league offered by RISE Soccer Club. Designed for young athletes who are passionate about soccer and eager to enhance their skills, Desire League provides a competitive yet supportive environment where players can thrive.

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RISE SC Players

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