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Developing players is what we do, it is our passion. While we strive to advance our teams into the top leagues, we know our success is ultimately defined by the quality of individual players we produce and the opportunities we provide them.

To date, the legacy clubs who came together to form RISE have produced over 50+ National Team and/or Professional players and over 800+ Collegiate athletes. RISE has one major advantage and that’s that we offer a flexible player pathway.

RISE SC Player running drills

Why Rise

The Player Development Staff at RISE are the key to player development. RISE boasts one of the most highly licensed coaching staffs in the nation. RISE Player Development Coaches follow a proprietary training curriculum that covers technical, tactical, physical, and mental themes which are essential to a player’s full development. Training is age and skill appropriate, but the ideas and methodology are consistent throughout the RISE program.

Player Development

Recreational Player
Development Staff

West University Place

Recreational Site Coordinator

Kelvin Cardona

Recreational Player Development Coaches

Abdelghani Abdesselam
Kevin Adjei
Jesus Aldea
Azael Ambrosio
Bayonle Arashi
Yassine Cherif
Dylan Dreghorn
Christopher Driver
Ehiosun Ekigho
Joshua Groesbeck
Darwin Martinez
Julio Rivas
Ayomide Salako
Marco Say
Nicholas Stoute
Alder Umanzor
Andy Zangoullis

Community Park

Recreational Site Coordinator

Luis Reyes

Recreational Player Development Coaches

Kevin Adjei
Ehiosun Ekigho

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