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Kristina Corona

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Kristina is moving to Houston from Colorado where she served as the Director of Coaching for Colorado Rapids. Kristina holds a U.S. Soccer National A-Youth Coaching License and is a candidate for the U.S. Soccer Academy Director license. Once completed, Kristina will be one of the highest licensed female coaches in the country.

As a collegiate soccer player at the University Tulsa, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Kristina has over 13 years of coaching experience at the youth, collegiate, and professional levels. She has been recognized nationally by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America as a top 30 coach, and recently accredited as a Level 1 Performance Analyst by the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport.

“In hiring Kristina, we’ve added an outstanding citizen and coach. I had the pleasure of observing the quality of her work while completing my U.S. Soccer Federation Academy Director license,” said Vedad Hadzajlic, RISE Technical Director. “She can see the game through the players’ eyes and seamlessly position her players and teams to protect their deficiencies and capitalize on their opponents shortcomings”. “By attracting one of the top female coaches in the country, RISE will undoubtedly prove to be the destination for elite female athletes.” “At RISE we essentially have 2 programs which are of equal standing, a boys program and a girls program. The Girls Program at RISE, not only expects female coaches, but they expect female leaders. The additions we’ve made today clearly signal that we understand and appreciate the needs and desires of our constituency.”

“What attracted me to RISE was that there was a plan and vision to push the club into the top tier in the country by building the club around the player”. “One thing is reading something on paper and another thing is turning a vision into a reality.” “I identified with the vision and the more people I spoke to about RISE in the soccer community, I quickly realized that I wanted in,” said Kristina.

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