SPRING 2023 Calendar



October 24 - February 6
Registration Period
January 6
Skill / BOOST Program: Session #1
January 13
Skill / BOOST Program: Session #2
January 20
Skill / BOOST Program: Session #3
January 21
BFF Day #1 (Bring Your Best Friend Day)
January 27
Skill / BOOST Program: Session #4
February 1 & 2
RISE Parent Orientation
February 6
Training: Week 1
February 11
Game 1
February 13
Training: Week 2
February 18
Game 2
February 20
Training: Week 3
February 25
Game 3
February 27
Training: Week 4
March 4
Game 4
March 6
Training: Week 5
March 11
Game 5
March 20
Training: Week 6
March 25
Game 6 & Picture Day
March 27
Training: Week 7
April 1
Game 7
April 3
Training: Week 8
April 8
BFF Day #2 & Easter Egg Hunt
April 10
Training: Week 9
April 15
Game 8
April 17
Training Week 10
April 19-21 (Schedules TBD)
Game 9
April 22
Game 10
April 24
Training make-up week (TBD)
April 29
Game make-up day (TBD)
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Two girls holding soccer balls

RISE uses a 2-year uniform cycle program for the Recreational Program. Every 2 years RISE will switch to a new uniform kit which runs concurrently with the product life cycle offered by our sponsor Nike. Every RISE player must purchase 1 club approved uniform specific to the program they are joining per uniform cycle, regardless of when in the uniform cycle a player joins RISE. RISE uses a uniform cycle so our families get more value for their purchase rather than having to purchase a new uniform before every single season.

Current Uniform Cycle
  • Year 1: Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 seasons
  • Year 2: Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 seasons
Next Uniform Cycle
  • Year 1: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 seasons
  • Year 2: Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 seasons
Who needs to buy a new uniform kit?

The Fall 2022/Spring 2023 season(s) mark the 2nd year of our current uniform cycle. As such:

  • Returning Fall 2021/Spring 2022 Players: May reuse uniform items purchased last year/season
  • New RISE Players: Purchase of a new RISE uniform kit is mandatory
  • The kits on this page are specific to the Recreational Program
  • Players will not be allowed to participate in training sessions or games without approved RISE kits.
  • Customizations to any kit item are not allowed and will result in a suspension plus a requirement to immediately replace any customized item with a new replacement purchase
Preschool & Grade School Kits

Each mandatory uniform kit includes:

  • 2 Nike game jerseys (Navy & Sky Blue)
  • 1 Nike game short (Volt)
  • 1 pair of Nike game socks (Volt)

The Rec Preschool & Grade School uniform kit items will be designated as “required” on the Soccer.com ordering page. The required uniform kit cost is under $72.00 (taxes and shipping are not included). Players will wear this uniform kit from the Fall 2021 season until the end of the Spring 2023 season (4 seasons in total).

  • Sky Blue tops: Monday, Tuesday & Friday
  • Navy Blue tops: Wednesday & Thursday
UNIFORM Ordering Process

Soccer.com is the exclusive uniform provider for RISE Soccer Club. Parents will order their player’s uniform directly from Soccer.com and they will ship your kit to you. You can also order all of you other soccer gear such as Nike cleats, and shinguards.

1. Click on the Soccer.com link which will navigate you to a page where you can "Find Your Team Store".
2. In the search field under "Team Store Name" type RISE and some club logos will populate
3. Make sure to select the one with the RISE logo that says "RISE SC - REC PROGRAM"
4. You will be asked to "SELECT A COLLECTION". From the drop down menu select your player's campus
5. Enter your name then click "GO TO TEAM STORE"
6. Choose your sizing (all 4 items are mandatory) and quantities
7. Add items to cart, then check out

RISE requires players to be in club approved gear at all training sessions and games so they are easily identifiable, or they will not be allowed to participate. Failure to purchase and/or wear the club approved uniform kits to participate in club activities is a violation of our club policies and will result in your player(s) being dismissed from the program without a refund. We understand that occasionally uniform kit items are backordered and that situations may preclude your player from having all or specific uniform kit items. RISE will work directly with to verify, confirm, and remedy these instances.

When to Order

We know you are excited, so are we, however, it is critical that you DO NOT order your uniform from Soccer.com until you receive a written notification to do so via email from RISE, your RISE Team Manager and/or Soccer.com notifying you to order your uniform kit.

Ordering Considerations

Players should purchase their uniforms immediately upon receiving their team assignment confirmation. It is mandatory that kids wear their approved RISE uniforms to all training sessions as well as games so they are easily identifiable. We strongly recommend paying close attention to the uniform sizing charts provided before purchasing since uniforms are non-returnable.

If you do not have a credit card, we recommend purchasing a VISA or Mastercard gift card from the local bank, and then using it to purchase your uniform kit.

RISE does not permit any further customizations to the club approved uniform kits.

Backordered items often show extremely delayed availability, when in actuality items usually become available much sooner than stated. If there is a serious product shortfall, Soccer.com and Nike will notify RISE, and we will contact our constituents about options.

Depending on when you order in the uniform cycle, your player could be wearing this uniform up to 2 years.

Uniform kit orders are non-refundable.

Toddler Sizing

In the event your Rec Preschool player wears toddler sizing instead of youth sizing one option that has worked for some parents is to get the normal uniform kit tailored (at your own expense) so that your player fits more comfortably and is the same uniform that everyone else is wearing.

Volunteer Team Manager

(Background Check Required)

Volunteering for RISE is a simple and fun way to impact the children in your community and improve your soccer knowledge. You don’t have to be a soccer expert to volunteer. Many of our volunteers just love soccer and want to help keep the club lively and exciting. All Recreational teams must have a Team Manager in place prior to being formed.

The role of parent volunteer Team Manager is critical to the success of the RISE Recreational program. Team Managers serve in positions of great trust and, therefore, are expected to be ambassadors of RISE to parents and players and to support RISE policies and procedures as set forth in the Club Handbook. In general, the Team Manager is the hub of communication among parents, players, the Player Development Staff, and the Club. Key information regarding players’ participation in club activities is often disseminated to parents through Team Managers.

While RISE Rec coaches/staff will conduct the weekly training sessions, parent Team Managers will manage the games.

Email us to become a volunteer team manager
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Training Methodology

(Preschool & Grade School)

Players on RISE teams are expected to demonstrate a consistent dedication to improving their play through regular attendance at training sessions. RISE uses the pool training concept to ensure players are consistently in a high quality, coaching staff led, training environment. Pool training shifts the focus away from team development and prioritizes individual player development. During pool sessions, RISE players will be grouped together with players who have similar skill levels, with the understanding that players develop in different stages. Increased competition, an improved training environment, and accelerated player development are all by-products of the pool training.

Additional Benefits of this Pool Training Method
  • Deliberate and consistent implementation of age-appropriate training activities.
  • The objective is to develop individual players, not teams.
  • The specific needs of players can be addressed individually.
  • By grouping players by birth year and ability, the developmental gaps between players is narrowed and meaningful competition is improved.
  • Flexibility and fluidity ensure that players are consistently being placed in the right training environment.
  • Improved club culture and spirit.
  • Opportunities to build relationships and friendships across an age group.
  • Allows young players to expand their social boundaries.
  • Consistent evaluation and feedback provided by numerous members of the Player Development staff.
Developing Skilled and Creative Players

There are no shortcuts to player development; success requires a long term approach and commitment. Player success is directly correlated to the player environment a young athlete is exposed to. RISE provides your Rec player with a developmentally appropriate learning environment where our licensed Recreational Player Development Staff (RPDS) coaches help your player develop their technical skills in ways that encourage them to express their individual creativity without the fear of making mistakes. The RISE Rec program encompasses both formal and creative learning methods to accomplish these goals. The program is designed to help the growth and development of young players both socially and technically so they are prepared to advance within the game at the level they desire.

Formal Learning - Fundamental Skills

RISE Player Development Coaches want players to feel comfortable and confident when they have the ball at their feet. To accomplish this, our staff will help players build a strong fundamental skill foundation seasonally, by introducing proper ball-handling basics and technique through a series of age-appropriate activities that will grow progressively.

Creative Learning - Street Soccer

The street soccer concept is a learning method that emerged from playing soccer in the street. This informal and unstructured play format was essentially a neighborhood pickup game where any player could simply just jump in and play. By introducing street soccer to our weekly recreational programming, the (RPDS) will have the flexibility to mix players together by their play levels, regardless of their genders and age groups. This format will keep the games fresh, meaningful and engaging for our players.

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