Tournament Rules: Power Cup 2024

I. FIFA Rules will apply except as noted.

Small-Sided Games.  Rules for Play for 7v7 format

II. Format of Play

A. U8-U10 – 7v7, roster limit of 14

B. U11-U12 – 9v9, roster limit of 16

C. U13-U19 – 11v11, roster limit of 22 (18 dressed per match)

III. Bracketing and Flights

Tiered brackets will be created where numbers allow. The brackets, from most to least competitive, will be Volt(highest), Sky, Navy, Vivid(lowest)

IV. Tournament Schedule

A. The schedule is final as published. No changes will be allowed.

B. We make every effort to account for coach conflicts in the schedules, but cannot always achieve that. You must properly identify your coach in GotSport for this to work.

C. Teams will play 3-4 round robin games within brackets by flight on Saturday and Sunday morning. Championship games will be played on Sunday afternoon. Five team brackets will not have a championship game.

V. Match Play

A. Teams will occupy one side of the field with their spectators directly opposite them on the other side of the field. Only properly identified team officials (up to 4) may be on the team sideline.

B. Playing Time:

  1. All U8-U12 games will be 50 minutes: 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
  2. All U13-U19 games will be 60 minutes: 30 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
  3. We reserve the right to shorten games as necessary.
  4. Scoring:
    a. Six (6) points for a win
    b. Three (3) points for a tie
    c. Zero (0) points for a loss
    d. One (1) bonus point per goal scored by each team, with a maximum of three (3) goal points per game
    e. One (1) bonus point for a shutout.
    f. A maximum total points per qualifying game is ten (10).
    g. Qualifying games may end in a tie score; no game tie breakers will be used
    h. If a final results in a tie, the teams will go directly to FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark.
  5. Forfeits
    In qualifying games, a forfeit will be scored as a three to zero (3–0) game or ten (10) points. A team abandoning a game in progress will automatically forfeit that game. A team abandoning a championship game will automatically forfeit that game.
  6. Round-Robin and Advancement
    a. 4-team brackets will play each other one time in the round-robin. The two teams with the highest points totals will advance to the final.
    b. 8-team brackets will be divided into two pools of 4 teams. Each team will play the other teams in their pool one time in the round-robin. The winner of each pool will meet in the final.
    c. 6-team brackets will be divided into two pools of 3 teams. Each team will play the three teams in the other pool one time in the round-robin. The two teams with the highest points totals, regardless of which pool they were placed in, will advance to the final.
    d. Brackets with 5 teams will not have a final. Each team will play the other teams in their bracket one time. The team with the highest point total at the end of group play will be the champion, and the team with the next-highest point total the finalist.
    e. Finals that end tied after regulation will not have an overtime period. The winner will be determined by FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark”.
  7. Tie BreakersIn case of a tie, the pool winners and/or wild card teams will be determined in the following order:
    a. Head-to-head competition.
    b. Goal Difference: team with highest goal difference - goals for minus goals against (maximum three (3) goals per game for or against).
    c. Most goals scored (maximum three (3) goals per game).
    d. Fewest goals allowed (maximum three (3) goals per game).
    e. FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark.”

VI. Eligibility

A. All players must be registered on the team making the application and have the proper USSF Player Pass (i.e. ID card) for 2021-2022. A proper ID card has the player’s picture attached and is laminated.

B. A player roster is required. Teams registered through USYSA (STYSA and its affiliates) must provide a roster signed by the Club Registrar. Teams registered through US Club or SAY Soccer must provide proper rosters from their associations. A maximum of 4 guest players are allowed per team for U8-U12. Guest players must be listed on the roster (handwritten is okay). Guest players must also have proper player passes.

  1. A player may only be rostered to one team for the duration of the tournament. No dual rosters during the event.
  2. All teams should have Player Passes (ID Cards) in their possession at all times during the tournament for inspection.
  3. Team officials with will be required to display an Adult Participation Pass or equivalent while on the team sideline during a game.

VII. Registration

A. To register, submit the tournament application form prior to the entry deadline.

B. No team will be considered registered until full payment is received. Payment is due by December 1, 2021

VIII. Officiating

A. 7v7 and 9v9 games will be officiated by a single referee. 11v11 games will be officiated by a 3-referee crew.

B. All referee decisions are final. No protests are permitted.

IX. Illegal Players

A. A team playing an illegal player will be disqualified and not permitted to continue tournament play. All prior and future tournament games involving the team will be scored as forfeits.

B. An illegal player is defined as one not listed on the final roster provided at check-in prior to tournament play, one who is of an age group older than the age group the team is playing in, or one who has otherwise been represented in a manner that differs from facts.

X. Discipline

A. Any ejected player or team official (coach, assistant coach, manager or trainer) may not participate in the next scheduled game, even if said game is a Championship Game. A player or team official who receives an ejection for violent conduct or referee assault will be suspended for a minimum of 2 games. All suspensions are minimums and may be extended by tournament staff.

B. Any player or team official (coach, assistant coach, manager or trainer) receiving two (2) Red Cards/Send-Offs will be suspended from further participation in the tournament.

C. Any adult (parent or team official) sent off must leave the field area within two (2) minutes of receiving the Red Card/Send-Off or the game will be abandoned by the Referee and will be scored as a forfeit. Players may stay with the team bench but must change their uniform and the team officials will be responsible for their behavior. If an ejected player continues to disrupt the game it will be abandoned and scored a forfeit.

XI. Game Time

Game time is the scheduled start time. If a team is not ready to play at the scheduled time, the team will forfeit that game. If both teams are not ready, then both teams will forfeit the game and receive (0) zero team points.

XII. Substitutions

A. Prior to a throw in by either team.

B. Prior to a goal kick by either team.

C. After a goal by either team.

D. After an injury by either team when the Referee stops play.

E. At half-time.

F. When the Referee stops play to caution a player, the cautioned player only may be substituted.

XIII. Uniforms

A. In the event of a uniform color conflict, the team designated as the home team should change jerseys. Home team should wear their darker colored jerseys, and the visiting team should wear their white or lighter jerseys.

B. Hard casts must be padded. Referee has final discretion on whether padding is adequate.

C. No jewelry of any kind (i.e. earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories.)

XIV. Score Cards

A. The winning coach (or team representative) is responsible for turning in the game scorecard to the site headquarters (or site field marshal if there is no site headquarters).

B. In the event of a tie, the home team coach is responsible for turning in the score card.

C. The score card must be turned in within thirty (30) minutes of completion of the game. If a score card has not been received by this time, the game may be scored as a forfeit for the team which failed to turn in the score card.

XV. Awards

The first and second place teams in each age group will receive awards.

XVI. Rain-Out Procedures

A. The Tournament Director will have jurisdiction over field playability, cancellations and rescheduling. Every effort will be made to play as many games as possible.

B. In the event of a total rain-out, a make-up date will be considered. A partial refund will be given in the event of a total rain-out.

C. In the event of a partial rain-out, matches will be rescheduled or shortened at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

D. If at least half of a game has been completed and conditions prohibit continuation, that game will be considered complete and the score at the time of the stoppage will be the final score.

E. No refunds will be given once the tournament games begin.

XVII. Withdrawals

A. There will be no refunds for teams withdrawing from the tournament after the entry deadline.

B. A nonrefundable fee of 25% will apply for teams withdrawing prior to the entry deadline.

C. Should a team fail to be bracketed a full refund will be issued.

XVIII. Tournament Check-in

A. Coaches or a team representative are required to check-in their teams by electronic check-in: All required documentation must be scanned in and emailed to by Monday January 31, 2022. You are not officially checked in until you receive a reply from the tournament officials stating that all appropriate documentation has been received. Please be patient as this process can take up to 48 hours.

B. Required team documentation includes:

  1. Final Player Roster with numbers (signed by club registrar for USYSA teams). Players not participating in the tournament should be crossed off the roster. Guest players must be noted as such and may be handwritten on the roster.
  2. Player Cards (laminated, signed, with picture).
  3. Adult Participation Passes for all adults that will be on the player sidelines (STYSA teams).
  4. Travel Permit (for USYSA teams outside of South Texas).
  5. Note: during the registration process, the manager or coach agreed that all players had signed medical releases. As such, they do not need to be provided at check-in but they are expected to be with the manager or coach at the field.

XIX. Travel Teams

A. Any team traveling from a distance of greater than 80 miles is considered a travel team.

B. We are partnered with Courtyard by Marriott Galleria to offer you a great tournament experience. Please contact Eunice DeOssio at the number below.

Courtyard Houston by the Galleria -Marriott
2900 Sage Rd.
Houston, TX 77056

Contact- Eunice DeOssio
mobile: 832-441-9756

XX. Non-Affiliated Teams

Teams that are not affiliated with US Soccer through an officially recognized youth partner (USYSA, US Club, SAY Soccer, AYSO) must provide a certificate of insurance. Please contact the tournament director for details.

Note: Game times and rules are subject to change and should be verified by the coaches prior to the first match.