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RISE offers Funded U13 & U19 Age Groups

RISE offers Funded U13 & U19 Age Groups

RISE is thrilled to be the only youth club in the greater Houston area to offer a funded opportunity for Elite Program players who compete at the highest levels of play. RISE currently funds (U18/19) age group teams and we are excited to announce that we will begin funding the top (U13, birth year 2009) teams for the upcoming Fall 2021 season. This unprecedented opportunity essentially positions families to only have to pay for 4 years of club fees instead of 6 years from the U13 to U18/U19 age groups. We will actively look to add additional funded age groups in the future and further distinguish ourselves as the club that ties itself to the success of our players. 


Much like a Merit Scholarship, our funding initiative is designed to motivate players of all levels to achieve their long-term development goals with the potential to capitalize from their success.A funded age group is a specific team within a pre-determined program and league whose Club Fees are funded externally forplayers selected to these teams. Funding only pertains to Club Fees, therefore, a registration fee, uniform fee, and travel fees still apply.We use proceeds from sponsorships, auxiliary events, and/or private donations to do our part in removing socio-economic barriers which limit access to organized soccer.


Our goal is to be a Top 25 club in the country. We provide our athletes with the opportunity to compete at the highest levels of play offered in the country, but the costs associated with competing in such leagues can be exorbitant. Despite this, RISE continues to invest, give back, and lead in the development of youth soccer players in Houston. By funding age groups within our Elite Program, we position ourselves to not only retain our most talented players, but to also attract the most talented players in the City of Houston.


Beginning in the Recreational Program, our Player Development Staff positions players to achieve their long-term development goals by prioritizing the highest technical standards and helping them become immersed in the culture at RISE. As players progress into the Youth Academy they have a sound technical skillset and start to fine tune their individual skills and get their first taste of competitive soccer. When players reach U13, we consider that age group a critical checkpoint in their development process. U13 is the first age group where our top teams play in elite leagues and our focus on individual player development starts to shift towards team development. This is a natural funding age group because it marks a significant transition in the soccer landscape and commitment level required of players. Our U18/19 are funded because this is the last year in the club for players prior to moving onto their next level of play. The U18/19 age group serves as an excellent barometer of what our finished product looks like.


In addition to the funded age groups, RISE offers need and merit based aid to qualified families regardless of their player(s) level of play. We constantly aim to increase player opportunity and visibility for every age group and play level we offer. Through their own commitment and sacrifice, the teams who represent RISE at the highest level of play have prepared meticulously and represent the body of work for the entire club. The club's inclusion into the elite leagues, have a profound and positive effect on every level of play we offer. This access provides the club with sponsorship and auxiliary revenues which allow us to provide a better training environment (i.e. facilities, staff, equipment, technology and networks) all of our players. Our Player Development Staff has direct access to top licensing opportunities via US Soccer, interactive learning sessions via our professional affiliate, Feyenoord Rotterdam, and massive network of the brightest soccer minds in the country, including National Team scouts via US Soccer. These resources and knowledge network, which otherwise would be difficult to access, are used to fundamentally impact the daily environment for every RISE player.


RISE will host numerous Player Identification (ID) Events to identify players that are well suited for this unique opportunity and others that the club provides. The Player ID Events will be open to current club members as well as anyone outside of the club who is interested in the Elite leagues that our top teams compete in. RISE players have a direct pathway to US Youth National scouts and teams, plus access to the best College Showcases in the country. In addition to competing at the highest level of play in the country, RISE teams may participate in International competitions or trials with our professional club partner Feyenoord Rotterdam.


BOYS - Sunday, April 25

South Campus - Field 3
9:00am - 10:15am: 2009 (U13), 2008 (U14), 2007 (U15)
10:30am - 11:45am: 2006 (U16), 2005 (U17), 2004/03 (U18/19)

Click HERE to register for the Boys Identification Event

GIRLS - Sunday, April 25

South Campus - Emery Weiner Stadium
1:00pm - 2:15pm: 2009 (U13), 2008 (U14), 2007 (U15)
2:30pm - 3:45pm: 2006 (U16), 2005 (U17), 2004/03 (U18/19)

Click HERE to register for the Girls Identification Event

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